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I have deliberately removed the names of living people (and their siblings) from the database. If you find the name of a living person accidentally listed here, please inform me.

Are we related? I've lost touch with other branches of the Hoffman clan. My great-great grandfather Christian Hoffman (married Catherine Wick) came from Darmstadt, Germany some time in the 1850s. He had four children: Elizabeth, William, Jacob, and Philip.

Some time ago I heard from a descendant of Philip named Lillian M. Hoffman. Lillian, if you're still out there (or if any of her relatives are out there) I sure would like to hear from you.

Descendants of Jacob include Travis, Dolores, Virginia Mary, and James Steven. I haven't seen anyone from this branch since I was a teenager. I know they are out there somewhere.

Descendants of William include Howard and Elizabeth Ann. Drop me a line, guys, we're pretty close cousins.

A WARNING to genealogy researchers. We have found that a lot of published material is incorrect. Do not automatically assume that information in a book or on the Web is valid. Always look for supporting documentation.

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